Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey its Me!

Hey Everyone! My name is Camille but most call me Milly.
I figured since this is becoming the "cool thing" to have your own blog I'd try it out and share Bits n' Pieces of My Life with all of you. (:
Life has been a crazy roller coaster for me especially in the last few years. Currently I am living with my sister in Illinois with her 5 babies and taking online classes. I have been here since November and have bonded so much with them. 
My sister Melissa is my very best friend I don't know where I'd be without her and the babies keep me going. 

Favorite pic of me and my sissy <3

Vannies, Gagie, Brookie, Ila Lee, Feliss <3 

It has been an adventure out here for sure. We all miss Utah but we will make our way out there soon! 
I will be 21 in July but I still feel like a child in a lot of ways. Right now I am studying Human Services because I love helping people. I'm not sure where this degree will take me but I cant wait to find out. Its been a long road to get to where I am but I know it will pay off. My main goal in life is finding happiness and making a difference. I have changed so much throughout the last few years. This has been the hardest time of my life but I continue to build myself up as my trials come by. 

I LOVE writing poetry but I haven't been able to write lately. I am attempting to learn how to play my pink guitar...it will happen I just know it! Reading and running have become two recent hobbies of mine even though I used to despise both of them. I love art in any form! Anything that keeps my creativity flowing is LOVE! I am inspired by many things. I have to listen to music everyday and love hearing new original bands. I love acoustic music. I love to dance like no body is watching and sing like no one can hear. Clothes and hair are my obsessions. I love changing them often. I am a perfectionist. I am random and crazy around the people I love but I am also quiet and stay in my shell around new people. 
My family is amazing. I'm so blessed. <3

My parents <3 

Sibling love <3

Vannies Baptism <3

Big bro Brandon and Soon to be Sister in law Bre <3

I don't know what I want out of life yet but I know big things will happen. I'm living day by day unaware of what is going to happen next. I have my own beliefs about life and love but I continue to learn everyday about new things. My life and I are far from perfect. I'm ready to live and aim for some happy ending and someday (hopefully soon) My Prince Will Come. This is my life and I am my own author.